19/05/2021 – The Baggios – Hidden Session-Tiket



Relaxo Studio in collaboration with Stocka Arts & Records are happy to present:


“Based out of São Cristóvão in Brazil, the guitar-and-drums duo of Julio Andrade and Gabriel Perninha has been making music as The Baggios since 2004. Though their line-up is stripped down, their sound is anything but, as they prove on the massive “Brutown”. It’s an album focused on social upheaval and the reality of everyday life in Brazil that’s rich with gut shaking riffs and massive hooks.

Leading with the energetic “Estigma”, the band adds a killer horn section into the mix, before delving into the dark and riff-heavy “Brutown”. The two songs set the stage for the album dealing with violence and a city on the edge of chaos. Producer Felipe Rodarte wisely gives each song a unique identity: strings coloring the waltz of “Miquin,” an organ riff leading off the dynamic “Como um Tiro de Bacamarte”, and always the emotional guitar work of frontman Julio Andrade. A band this stripped down needs to be tight as hell to give the guitarist space to shred like that. By the time they launch into the standout “Padece Ser” it’s clear there’s no 2-piece band on the planet with the range and power of The Baggios. ”
– Afropunk mag. –

Video “Vulcão” :



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“Hidden session” is a two songs video/audio session recorded at Hidden Space – Relaxo studio, in collaboration with Stock-a DIY.

The aim of this project is to invite bands from all around the world with different backgrounds and styles to record two songs in video and audio format and release those videos through Relaxo studio and Stock-a channels.

HIDDEN SESSION will be a closed event for a maximum of 30 spectators.

Tickets will cost 10.00 Euros with an open bar included.

To participate in this event every spectator will need an A.R.C.I. card (in case the spectator doesn’t have it, they will be able to make it at the venue for a price of 15.00 Euros).

Once the spectators buy the ticket they agree to be recorded in the footage used for “Hidden Session”.

The doors will open at 20.30.

Shows will start at 21.00 and will finish at 21.45.

In this period of time, the crowd will be asked to stay in the room with good behavior so the staff will be able to work at their best.

The doors will close at 22.30.

The “Hidden Session” will take part in Relaxo Studio; Via di Compiobbi, 2D 50012 Firenze, Vallina FI – Italy.