Pavor Nocturnus - EPK


Pavor Nocturnus is the solo project of Eugenio Mazza, a Milan based musician and composer.
His works return suggestions from different art forms, creating an interweaving of electronic
sounds and ritual, spiritual and esoteric elements obtained through an experimental approach
and sound research.
The musical production ranges from solo works, interdisciplinary collaborations, creation
of music for theatrical performances and soundtracks for silent films; the result of the
collaboration with the 3D artist Vincenzo Gagliardi / The Nent is the audiovisual work “Fokara,
Miti di una diaspora”, included in the archive of the digital artistic observatory Futuro Arcaico
and selected for the homonymous collective exhibition in the city of Bari.
The first official release is “Streghe” (2016), followed by “Sognomeccanico” (2018), realized with
the Australian musician Tim McGee / Versuscode; both works are published by the Canadian
label D.M.T. Records.
The third album “Bosch”, inspired by the works of the homonymous Dutch painter, has been
released on April 9 2021 for Dio Drone and Toten Schwan Records.