Lampredonto is a two-headed monster, a Megazord made up of Lampreda and Tonto, respective alter egos of the drummers/producers/sound destroyers Simone Vassallo and Francesco Zedde, both active for over a decade in the European underground circuit.

 The result is an extremely physical sound, which speaks first of all to the body; a mélange of rhythmic traditions from every corner of the globe concentrated in an Esperanto suited to the noisiest and most industrial dancefloors.

 On June 29, 2022 was released their first LP !Wasted! (pressed on vinyl by UR Suoni), with three unreleased tracks, which see the participation of numerous guests: Mark Stewart (the Pop Group), Jacopo Andreini (Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Al Mustaqil) and Andrea Caprara (Jealousy Party, pangolin orchestra); and is completed by five remixes by HHY, Michel Byrne, Uncle Fester On Acid, Polonius and HZHA.

 Their new work Workout | Worship will be released next winter, again for UR-Suoni, and the band will be touring Europe again from March 2023. 

The music video !Wasted! curated by Simone Brillarelli will be released soon together with a live video of their performance.

Lampredonto’s live set is an electronic/percussive bomb, brought on stage with electronics, percussions, voice (Tonto) and SPD (Lampreda).