Based on Japanese and British trip-hop, the band OZU has a sound identity that values contemplation and slow pace. Formed in 2016 in Cotia (SP), they released their first EP. The DownBeat Sessions Vol 1 in 2017. In early 2018, another EP was released; The Lo-Fi Sessions; with instrumental compositions, more minimalist and with strong influence in lofi radios. Both got great reviews and repercussions in the independent scene. In September 2018, OZU released its debut full album entitled "INNER".


Dust & the Dukes is a rock band, born in Florence, Italy, in 2016. The band plays a high energy Desert Rock mixed with various influences from american roots music such as delta blues and tex mex sounds. Guitarist Enrico Giannini and drummer Alessio Giusti create the “wall of sound” in which the italo-american vocalist Gabriel Stanza performs with his powerful rock'n'roll attitude. Dust & the Dukes released their first ep available online in 2017 and continues his intense live activity, which is the real spirit of the band.   EPK


Odradek is one of the most powerful bands in Brazil right now. Their eclectic and frenetic music drive you through a surreal world made of unconscious desires. you can taste this experience listening to their last work "Pentimento", considered one of the best 50 albums of 2018 by Rolling Stone Brazil.


God of the Basement (GOTB) is an alternative rock band from Florence, Italy, born in 2016. It's five members share an intense passion for rock'n'roll music, tight groovy beats and catchy melodies, for esotericism, voodoo rituals and other occult stories in opposition to modern pop culture.


John Filme is a band born in Chapeco, south Brazil.
In activity since 2011, their sound is a blend of Post-punk, Grunge with a tiny bit of Brazilian regionalism influences. They are based now in São Paulo - Brazil where they have recently released their last EP "KOL Cover".

Hate Moss_Honey

 HATE MOSS is an italo-brazilian duo based in London - Uk. Taking inspirations from electronics-dark and industrial bands from the 90’ the band has recorded his first single “Honey” which has been produced, mixed and engineered by Mauro Polito at Fine Arts Studios and released through the independent label Stock-a records in 2018.  

Ian Carvalho

Ian Carvalho; Born in Brazil, raised in Italy and then moved to the UK. After releasing several albums and touring with the band NOVONADA (providing percussion and vocals) Carvalho decided to embark on his solo artist journey in order to have a more personal approach to music. EPK


NOVONADA;  Independent anthropophagic rock band.